Bumps and Births – Private Antenatal Support in Sheffield

The Bumps and Births website offers different services to people at different stages of their journey so I have a couple of questions to help you find the information best suited to you…

Are you trying to get pregnant?

pregnancy test woman

If you are fertile but struggling to get pregnant hypnosis could help to address some of the psychological and lifestyle issues to increase your conception chances. Through hypnosis you could: Control your weight, increase your libido, have more sex, become a non smoker, relax more.

Are you looking for antenatal classes?

antenatal classes at nurture health clinic in sheffield

The antenatal classes from Bumps And Births are run using the Daisy Foundation method. The course is 6 weeks long and each session involves gentle movement, peer support and birth education. Sessions are run in a relaxing and central Sheffield location.

Are you looking for baby massage classes?

baby massage classes in sheffield

A new addition to the Bumps And Births list of services is baby massage and baby yoga. This could be a fantastic way for you to relax your new addition and an excellent way to bond with them.

A great way to meet other mum’s with similar age kids.

Download your free pregnancy relaxation mp3 here

I love to give and here is the first of my gifts, a recording that could help you relax more

Have A Positive Birth

Sheffield Positive Birth Movement

Surrounding yourself with positivity during your pregnancy is absolutely vital to help prepare your mind. Think about the kinds of things you’ve been told about labour and birth. Want to make those stories more positive? The more you talk about positive birth and hear positive birth stories the more likely it is to become true.

Baby Wearing & Sling Information

Fi using a sling on the plane

Baby wearing and sling use in general can be a very natural next step from having a positive birth. It encourages bonding, reduces PND and can be a great way to simply get about.

I am a trained sling supporter and am happy to help you with this part of caring for your baby.

Students & Student Midwives Click Here

Thank you for taking the time to read my site and congratulations on your chosen career path. If you are looking for shadowing experience I am currently unable to help.

This is due to protecting the atmosphere of the sessions while my pregnant ladies prepare for birth. I would be happy answer any questions you may have or point you to other resources. If you contact me please do so only via email. My address is fi@bumpsandbirths.co.uk



Bumps and Births are private antenatal providers in Sheffield. Services available include antenatal classes, couples birth preparation workshops, baby massage, baby yoga and babywearing advice and support.
8 Campo Lane
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
S1 2EF
Phone: +441143830607