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Antenatal Classes in Sheffield

Daisy Birthing Active Antenatal Classes: Sheffield SW 

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Our all inclusive Active Antenatal™ method is a ground breaking, effective and all encompassing pregnancy class helping you to learn your antenatal education and active birth techniques in a truly effective way – anchored to your breath, your body and your movement – exactly where you will need it on your baby’s birthing day.

Our use of repetitive gentle flowing moves, incorporating some of our trademark “Rotate to Dilate” and “Accelerator Pedal” birth-orientated positions will have you riding the waves of labour with ease!

Classes support you on your journey as your baby grows with powerful, practical antenatal education, nourishing support and of course laughter too!

How Do Antenatal Classes Work?

Daisy Birthing® will help you stay active in pregnancy, ease those pregnancy symptoms and prepare you for a confident and calmer birth!

Classes can be started from 14 weeks of pregnancy and are taught over a six-week term. Women can do as many terms as they wish until baby is born to help with muscle memory so that the techniques become inherent during labour.

Plus you feel all the benefits through pregnancy too.

What Can I Expect from Antenatal Classes?

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Each class will deliver:

  • Traditional antenatal education

  • Active birth awareness

  • An easy way to understand medical induction and interventions

  • Flowing movement sequences anchored to your body and breath

  • Breathing techniques for every stage of labour.

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Peer-to-peer support in a women only class

Classes are supportive of all birth choices and are adapted to suit (and in many cases help with) most pregnancy conditions and ailments.

Daisy Birthing® A practical, educational and supportive journey through labour and birth.

What else?

To meet new friends whilst enjoying a wonderful, complete and unconditional (as we support all birth choices and outcomes) way to prepare your mind, body and baby for birth – contact your local Sheffield teacher Fi Hennessy:

or by phone at 0114 3830607 or 07518 357552

How Daisy Classes can help you

My name is Fi and I am your local Sheffield provider of antenatal classes with The Daisy Foundation. Come and find like minded Mums preparing for birth in a relaxed and empowering setting. Learn how to move with your baby and connect with your ability to birth.

I am passionate about helping you find your way through your birth process. First time, second time or even more it doesn’t matter how many babies you have birthed or how or where you birthed them, come along to a class and experience the gentle flowing style of movement and peer support.

I am also able put you in touch with various groups and individuals in Sheffield who may be able to offer help and support for your journey.

Your Birth Mentor

I first came across these pregnancy classes in March 2013 when I was pregnant with my second baby. I had bad Pelvic Girdle Pain and was looking for an antenatal class which would help me find the best way through my birth. I loved the weekly birth classes so much I booked a couples workshop to fully include my husband.

I safely delivered a healthy baby boy in May 2013 at home. I attribute my wonderful birth experience to the preparation I had done with The Daisy Foundation. You can read about my birth story in my blog and see a short video of my home water birth.

How much do antenatal classes cost?

The cost for a 6 week course is RRP £72 with early bird bookings available at £60.  Classes are suitable from the 14th week of pregnancy up to the final weeks, of course the sooner you start to prepare the more benefit you can gain.

This is Birth: A Workshop for Birth Partners costs RRP £95 per couple and includes all refreshments and handouts. Mums on the weekly course can benefit from a 20% discount on the price of a workshop saving you £19.

Ring to enquire about the next Daisy Birth Term with Fi on 0114 383 06 07 or 07518357 552


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