About Fi Hennessy

 Daisy Foundation Perinatal Educator, Birth Trauma Specialist & mother

I have had 3 full term pregnancies, one miscarriage at 10 weeks and two chemical pregnancies as a result of IVF treatment for a surrogate pregnancy.

You might say I love being pregnant and giving birth! And I would agree. You can read more about my surrogacy journey in HuffPost.

I’ve learned so much through the years, through my own body and through working with many hundreds of families in Sheffield. I am passionate about helping people know their choices and achieve their positive birth.

Fi Hennessy

Rachael's review of Bumps and Births"Fi is an inspiration and a truely lovely lady and i can really recommend her classes"

Review by Rachael Liversidge 30th Dec 2014 on Facebook

“I know better so I do better”

One thing that has struck me is that women have a tendancy to blame themselves for not knowing.

‘I wish I had known I could have said no’

‘I wish I had known it didn’t have to be that way’

And it’s true that if we know better, we can do better. I can help in small ways through The Daisy Foundation antenatal classes and baby massage sessions, through working with parents on birth trauma.

Loving yourself, before, during and after babies is so important. Give yourself the best chance.

Sheffield wellness centre verified associate badge

I am proud to be a verified associate of the Sheffield Wellness Centre which is where I run all my classes and courses.

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I love to give and here is the first of my gifts, a recording that could help you relax more

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My home birth

I would like to share the home water birth of my second child, Lucas.

Review by Rachael"Fi is a vibrant and engaging teacher"

Review by Rachel Elizabeth 11th Aug 2015 on Facebook

Have a birth plan A, B and C!

I believe so strongly that preparation is the key. You can not expect to waltz into your labour with no idea about what you want to achieve. If you don’t know what your choices are, you don’t have any.

You spend hours, days, weeks preparing for exams, driving tests perhaps even your wedding, you wouldn’t leave it all until the last minute and say, ‘I’ll just go with the flow.’ Not unless you want to leave it to luck or someone else’s idea about what is a good birth.

People tell me I was brave and lucky to have such a good birth experience, I tell them I left nothing to luck. After the birth of my son at home I decided I wanted to work towards helping woman have the birth they wanted.

Have a birth plan

Be informed about ALL your birth options

You have the opportunity and the responsibility to prepare for the birth of your child. Go into it with your eyes wide open and your choices fully informed and respected and you stand the best chance of having the kind of birth experience you want and deserve.

I trained as an antenatal teacher with The Daisy Foundation delivering birth classes and baby massage to women in Sheffield. I am also a qualified hypnotherapist and my natural interest lead me to specialise in fertility. What better way to help woman than to use hypnotherapy to help conception, birthing classes to prepare for labour and provide information and support about all things birth and baby in Sheffield? I love my job!

If you have any questions about who I am, what I do and how I could help you just get in touch

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