Antenatal Classes Review By Ceecee

Watch Ceecee's video review of Daisy Foundation antenatal classes here

Antenatal Classes Review By Ceecee

Sheffield antenatal classes have helped mum Cecelia to build positivity and feel more prepared about her upcoming labour and birth. It has been a pleasure working with Cecelia, hear what she has to say about Lazy Daisy active birth preparation.


Fi: I’m here with Ceecee who has joined us here for the Lazy Daisy antenatal classes and she has agreed to tell me a little bit about how the classes have helped her so far in her pregnancy.

Ceecee: They have been absolutely amazing, I don’t know what I would have done without them, suffering with antenatal depression at the start of my pregnancy and things have turned around for me now and I don’t think it would have turned around without Lazy Daisy. They have really helped me to connect with my baby. My second pregnancy I was very anxious about labour but now not so much. I’m looking forward to a positive birth.

F: Aah, that’s lovely, thank you very much, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you as well. Erm, would you recommend the classes to other pregnant mums?

C: Oh definitely, I don’t know why they aren’t compulsory!

F: hahaha

C: They should be, I don’t know why midwives don’t, like, support it more, you know, there’s not enough available for pregnant ladies but they should definitely consider these classes.