Becky’s Home Birth Story

"Our little girl was born at home a week ago, it was an amazing experience. The lazy daisy classes and Fi's way of leading the sessions enabled me to labour in confidence, using my breathing techniques and my positive affirmations.

My partner was amazing, I know he felt supported by the lazy daisy partner workshop we attended, there was some great back massage during contractions-practised during the workshop! I felt very relaxed and calm during the day, so much so that it took us both a while to connect my back ache and period type pains as labour.

The active stage of labour only lasted four and a half hours, with the contractions building very quickly. As the night progressed my partner was beginning to think that he might be delivering our baby. Much to his relief the first midwife arrived and having done a quick check she announced "oh I can see the baby's head".

Our daughter was born 45 mins later, beating the second midwife and the gas and air! The tens machine and paracetamol were good, but I don't think it would have been half the body affirming experience without my partner and the lazy daisy classes.

I can't recommend Fi and this unique approach highly enough x"