Should I have a stretch and sweep?

Towards the end of your pregnancy the midwife takes your blood pressure, uses a dip stick on your wee, everything is fine and as she leaves she says in a casual manner, ‘let’s book you in for your stretch and sweep next week, OK?’ You nod, smile and the midwife leaves. But what have you just agreed to? According to … Read More

Antenatal Classes Review By Ceecee

Watch Ceecee's video review of Daisy Foundation antenatal classes here

Sheffield antenatal classes have helped mum Cecelia to build positivity and feel more prepared about her upcoming labour and birth. It has been a pleasure working with Cecelia, hear what she has to say about Lazy Daisy active birth preparation. Fi: I’m here with Ceecee who has joined us here for the Lazy Daisy antenatal classes and she has agreed … Read More

Born to Carry – Baby Wearing Peer Supporter Course

Born to Carry – Baby Wearing¬†Peer Supporter Course Last Wednesday 12th March I went on a peer supporter course run by the lovely Rosie Knowles at the Sheffield Sling Surgery and Library The aim of the course was to provide us with the ability to offer safe advice to parents who are interested in carrying their children in slings. I … Read More

Loving Your Postnatal Body

The first time I looked at my postnatal body what I saw left me with a myriad of feelings. Some of them not so good. Everything was a little saggier, a little softer to the look and touch. I looked tired, the wrinkles around my eyes seemed to be growing each day as my nights were shared with my babies. … Read More

Home Water Birth In Sheffield

Home birth water birth sheffield

Home Water Birth In Sheffield I just wanted to share with you the edited version of the water birth of my second child. This birth was after I had had Daisy Birthing classes and because I enjoyed the birth so much it made me want to help other mums have as an enjoyable birth as possible. If you have any … Read More