Born to Carry – Baby Wearing Peer Supporter Course

Born to Carry - Baby Wearing Peer Supporter Course

Last Wednesday 12th March I went on a peer supporter course run by the lovely Rosie Knowles at the Sheffield Sling Surgery and Library

The aim of the course was to provide us with the ability to offer safe advice to parents who are interested in carrying their children in slings.

I carry my son nearly everyday in a sling and have done since birth. When he was tiny the closeness helped us bond, calmed his stress response, gave me hands to look after my toddler and was just all round fluffy lovliness. As he grew (he is now 10 months old) he would find comfort in being close to me, being able to see my face to assess the world around him and let his confidence grow.

Far from being a 'clingy and spoilt' baby he was crawling by 5 months old and takes great pride in exploring the world around him, knowing that I am close and available for him. As I have needed more time to work and he is cared for by other people his sling goes with him and helps him to feel close and loved.

My daughter is turning 4 very soon and whilst I carried her a little as a baby I haven't really been able to carry her much after my son arrived. However as a super Christmas present I bought my husband a toddler carrier and he takes great pride in carrying his daughter around town or on walks.

She loves it! I love it! It's really helped her to transition through this time of uncertainty having a baby brother on the scene. She can feel close to her Dad. She can be heard, being at ear level means we can carry on having conversations with her while we are out and about. She feels the same as her brother being carried. It is just awesome!

This is why I love slings, the benefits are amazing for both parent and child, you can read more about the benefits here

I wanted to be able to help other parents who wanted advice which is why I chose the BTC Peer Supporter course

The day was full of information, slings, learning different ways of carrying, safety, misconceptions about carrying babies as well as fun and laughter with my baby wearing colleagues.

If you'd like to learn more about slings, meet up with local slingers or just find out what all the fuss is about you'd be made very welcome

Slings in the City is a drop in session held fortnightly in Sheffield City Centre at The Montgomery Theatre on Surrey Street from 12.30 till 3pm.