Cecilia’s Healing Second Birth

Here is the story of Cecilia's second birth:

"Baby Ember arrived Sunday morning after a quick delivery without pain relief weighing 8lb10. The birth was honestly the best experience in my life and I probably wouldn't be able to say that if it wasn't for you.

I had a stop start labour for 3 days with regular contractions coming and going as baby was back to back. On Saturday night she did a huge spin in my tummy and when contractions returned they were strong. I arrived at Jessops and Ember was born not much later as I had an overwhelming urge to push in the waiting room.

I felt empowered the whole time and even managed to look at my reflection and tell myself that my contractions couldn't be stronger than me because they are me as I transitioned.

Thank you so much for your support throughout and your random act of kindness you've impacted my life forever x"