Dee’s Natural Water Birth

"Just a quick note to say that our daughter, Eleanor Catherine, arrived on Friday morning, one week before her due date. I'm incredibly happy to say it was a very calm, short (just under 11 hours from waters breaking) and natural water birth, and I'm absolutely positive that all the breathing techniques and advice from you and Lazy Daisy helped a great deal in making it so - so thank you SO much!

I don't really feel like I've had to 'recover' as I only needed a few stitches and haven't had any problems with movement (I walked up to the ward a few hours after labour) and again, I put this down to the birth being as natural and calm as possible - 'my birth is easy' indeed!!!

Even the midwife was impressed with how smoothly and calmly it all went, ignoring the one slipped swear word from me at the 'I can't do this' point! Getting the hang of breastfeeding and coping with quite a few hours fewer sleep are proving a little trickier but I think we're all getting there slowly!!"