I believe in charging a fair price for a quality service. Some antenatal classes in Sheffield cost hundreds of pounds and these days that just isn’t affordable for most people. For that reason I charge a fair price and it actually works out to be just £10 per session.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

  • Individually tailored sessions £70 per hour
  • Sessions are one on one

Daisy Foundation

  • Group environment – meet other mums due around the same time as you
  • A weekly class which you can renew every 6th week: £72 per term


  • A 6 week course for you and your birth partner : £245 per couple.
  • Complete birth preparation and practical baby care workshops over 14 hours

Tinies Baby massage and Wrigglers yoga classes

  • Positive touch baby sessions including baby Massage & Yoga
  • Calming, bonding and relaxation sessions for mum and baby
  • Baby development session
  • Baby massage and baby yoga in one unique package RRP £45 for a 6 week term

Active Birth Workshop – for Partners

  • 4 hour workshop for you and your birth partner
  • Complete antenatal information
  • £70 per couple

Birth Trauma Rewind

  • one to one sessions
  • personalised, confidential, sympathtic
  • £50 per hour
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Email: fi@bumpsandbirths.co.uk

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