Charlotte’s Hospital Birth Story

"....our beautiful baby girl arrived on 8th October at 1pm weighing 8.8 pounds.

The labour started on the Tuesday as soon as Tom got home from work braxton hicks turned into was as if my body knew it was okay to get started as Tom was home!!

I managed to stay at home and use my birthing ball until about 2am and then went into hospital as contractions felt very regular. Was only 1cm so got sent home which was a real low point and I had to draw on all my lazy daisy calmness to pull me back and focus.

I then spent the next 5 hours at home having a bath with my CD on and really trying to use my learnt techniques to keep calm.

When I went back to hospital I was 7cm and so could stay:) the Jessops staff were brilliant and very supportive of my birthing plan and encouraging me to keep going with the natural birth I wanted...even when I wanted to give in.

I used my CD the whole time I was in hospital and had another bath with lavender which helped bring me on to 10cm.  I used gas and air and found the breathing techniques you taught me helped me gain benefit from the gas and air as I used my breath to work with my contractions.

For the final push I just went for it and let out some very "primal" noises like you said to do:) then she was here and my gosh what a moment....nothing will ever compare to the moment I first saw her.

She's a chubby little cherub and has enjoyed keeping us awake most of the day and night so far but hey she's learning like us and everyone says it gets much easier:)

My journey with you was amazing and kept me positive throughout my pregnancy. I'm grateful to have had a natural birth and don't think I would have had the confidence without your classes.

Thank you so much and hope your well and enjoying your new classes of mummys to be:)
Lots of love
Charlotte "