Kerry’s Home Birth Story

We were a little bit overdue and had a few 'false starts' so when I woke up at 2.30am I wasn't sure 'this was it' - it took timing contractions on a labour app for another 2 hours before I called the midwife and got Dave to work on the pool.

The midwife arrived at 5am. Walking around and breathing was doing me so well that she wasn't sure if I was really in established labour. We had a chat for a while (great tactic for keeping an easy atmosphere!) and at 5.55am she examined me - 4cm - she said well pool is ready it's up to you when you want to go in it - it might slow things down but it shouldn't stop them now.

I jumped in the pool and instantly chilled out, breathed a bit more. My son woke up and Dave went to re settle him, but on trying to sneak back out woke him again, so I suggested they got showered and dressed.

At 7am a few things happened at once, my midwife called for the second midwife, my husband and son came downstairs, my waters went in the pool and I decided it was pushing time! The midwife said 'just do what your body tells you' and I said 'ah, here's the head! This is so cool!!' At the next push the midwife told me to get baby under her arms and pull her up out of the water, so I did. I popped her on my chest and lay back in the pool like wow! She was born at 7.08 with a 3 minute recorded second stage.

A big worry of mine was my son being upset to see me in labour, which he wasn't but he was cross that he couldn't have the thermometer duck. He was totally unfazed by the labour and it was lovely he was part of it all!

We were waiting to clamp the cord when I had the urge to push out the placenta too, so the whole birth went off with no drugs and only one examination!

Baby Anna is a happy little thing, feeds very well and has been very bright and alert.
Though I needed a stitch, I feel a lot better than last time - I'm fairly sure it was due to relaxing and breathing and getting myself into useful positions, as well as having the confidence that things would go well. I hope other lazy daisy ladies get to experience a confident and easy birth!