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Facebook reviews

Kerry Darkin
Kerry D.
21:12 07 Aug 19
I have just completed my second round of Daisy Active Birthing classes, to prepare for the impending birth of my first child. The movement and breathing techniques that we have learnt have made me feel really positive about coping with birth, knowing I have a tool kit of techniques I can draw from. Each week we have focussed on a different stage, or aspect, of the birthing process. These educational sections have been really informative, to the point that I already knew most of the information that was being given to us at our NCT course about the process of labour and birth. Fi is really knowledgable and approachable, and creates a safe space every week for us to talk about our week, fears and highlights. She makes the sessions relaxing which has really impacted upon my own view of how a potentially stressful experience, could be a positive one. I can’t recommend these classes highly enough. Thank you!!!!read more
Rebecca Geraghty
Rebecca G.
18:13 07 May 19
We started Fi’s classes when my daughter was a few months old. We completed the tinies course and wrigglers and it was with great sadness when our Daisy journey came to an end. These classes are not just about baby but also mum too, my daughter loved the classes and Fi, her smile during the sessions said it all. The support provided to mum was fantastic and helped me gain confidence in my parenting abilities. We’re both missing our Monday morning sessions and not just because of the cup of tea and chocolate biscuit at the more
Lizzie Thomson
Lizzie T.
11:47 02 Apr 19
Have thoroughly enjoyed both Tinies and Wrigglers - they’re a lovely chance for baby to interact with Mum and other babies, plus a chance for Mum to find some calm and discuss what is going on right now. Fi is full of useful knowledge about birth and beyond. My only regret is not doing the prenatal classes too!read more
Henrietta Mlalazi
Henrietta M.
13:47 27 Feb 19
I can’t recommend Fi enough. I found myself getting more and more anxious about labour and birth in my 3rd trimester and I wanted to gain some confidence with my second birth because my first one wasn’t positive at all. I only actually went to one class because the following week I went into labour but luckily the week I went, the focus was on breathing and positions which encouraged labour progression. I was a bit skeptical about whether or not I would manage to calm myself down during labour enough to actually do the exercises Fi taught us but I found myself in the positions we’d gone through and repeating ‘rotate to dilate’ which helped me focus on what my body is doing instead of focusing on the pain. I stayed at home as long as I could during labour using both the breathing techniques and the exercises that encourage baby to drop further down. By the time I went in, I was 7cm dilated and I was shocked I had managed to get that far in my labour just by myself! Thank you so much Fi, you are amazing and if that was just one class I can’t recommend the whole course enough. The whole labour and birth process was so positive for me that it made my traumatic pregnancy worth more
Jeni Street
Jeni S.
19:23 20 Feb 19
Just finished 6 weeks of Daisy Tinies and we loved it. It’s a good mix of baby massage, gentle movement and yoga, singing and relaxation in a calm environment with Fi who is just so lovely and really supportive. Highly recommend it for new mums.
Jean Hamilton
Jean H.
18:25 15 Dec 18
Really enjoyed the 6 week daisy birthing classes. It was a lovely relaxing and positive atmosphere, and Fi is great. Can't wait to come along to the postnatal classes with baby!
Sarah Prochazka-Lawton
Sarah P.
12:35 23 May 18
Thank you for the lovely Daisy course that I attended which finished last month. I’ve really missed it as I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it really helpful. I went from being anxious about the birth to feeling much more positive and informed. The girls that have kept in touch from the group are all so lovely! I have recommended your classes to other pregnant friends. A big thank you again for your support and guidance!read more
Rosie Mc
Rosie M.
11:28 10 Mar 18
I've just finished the 6 week course with Fi to help to prepare for birth, and can't recommend it enough! It was a lovely calming space, I loved having the opportunity to learn and develop my relaxation strategies as we went through the stages of labour and birth, and I really looked forward to going every week. Fi is really knowledgeable and has such an amazing attitude towards birth and beyond - her calmness really rubs off on you! Thanks for everything � xxread more
Ruth Maplethorpe
Ruth M.
20:43 24 Jan 18
What a wonderful 6 weeks. I didn’t know what to expect or what I would get out of it but it has been a truly positive experience which I have really enjoyed, and will miss!. Fi’s very positive, calm and open approach to the class delivery, and to child birth more generally, is so reassuring and comforting. Whilst the classes have helped me visualise a very calm and manageable birth if things shouldn’t go ahead so smoothly I know that the techniques taught to us are already having a huge impact. Friends and family, particularly my husband, have often commented in recent weeks how relaxed I seem. This is not my usual demeanour!!! I can only put it down to the fabulous mindset Fi encouraged as I do feel very much in control and empowered, despite the usual last minute ‘anxieties’ about the whole unknown change that is about to happen! I now have some very simple yet powerful tools(both mental and physical) to call on once the time arrives , and in the lead up to that day!!!! I very much hope that I will be able to participate in future Daisy classes with my baby in the months to more
Beth Johnson
Beth J.
18:00 08 Jan 18
I am so happy I found the Daisy Foundation and Fi! I’ve learned so much and the antenatal classes really helped me to feel relaxed and confident about labour and birth. We can’t wait to start Tinies next week! I feel like i’ve made some lifelong friends. Thank you so much Fi, you’re fabulous ❤️read more
Jennifer Hitchman
Jennifer H.
17:55 08 Jan 18
Attending the Daisy classes on the run-up to my labour was the best thing I could have possibly done to prepare for the birth of my little boy. I attended two, six-week sets of classes as I enjoyed the first lot so much I repeated them. The classes make me feel calm and confident and very informed with my options and allowed me to really consider what kind of birth I wanted to have. Fi is fabulous and her passion for what she does really comes through which is why the classes are so enjoyable. She’s full of knowledge and teaches in a way that really makes you feel welcome and engaged. This is a ‘must do’ for any Mum to be!read more
Billy Rathbone
Billy R.
18:20 03 Sep 17
I came here to do a parenting course, after finding their details online. I was over the moon to have found the sheffield wellness centre- Fi was absolutely fantastic and tailored my course to suit, and took the time to help me. She was very knowledgable and friendly and a great host. The centre was fantastic- i will be returning in the future for further classes.5 stars, tip-top!Many thanks, Fi!read more
Pad Edmore
Pad E.
22:32 23 Aug 17
What a lovely and informative day spent with Fi and other parents to be. I feel better prepared to support my partner in having the birth that we want. I highly recommend joining this course to get great advice and techniques and to better understand birthing. Thank you more
Amy Alexandra Meysner
Amy Alexandra M.
07:15 22 Aug 17
I attended the birth and labour workshop (1 day) run by Fi with my partner. We went in with very little knowledge about anything and didn't really know what to expect. I was extremely pleased with the course content and the delivery, what seemed like a long day went by in a flash and we learnt an awful lot. I came out feeling confident about what lies ahead and we cant thank you enough for that! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone. Thank you!read more
A-j Perrier
A-j P.
19:23 16 Aug 17
The workshops led by Fi were amazing. I use the breathing techniques and movements leading up to my birth and in any situation where I can feel any stress creeping in! With it being my second child i thought id just go to relax.. however i didnt realise the huge gaps in my knowledge of how to birth and also how to think about the birth i want. Fi is constantly on hand with any questions and worries I have...I really don't know what I would do without that support to fall back on! I would say that this course is essential for any mum to be.Thankyou Fi!!!xxxxxread more
Kayleigh Cruickshank
Kayleigh C.
17:21 11 Sep 16
Just finished my course with Fi I started knowing nothing and finished feeling empowered to make decisions to have the best birth possible. Thank you Fi your amazing. X
Katie Hayward
Katie H.
18:48 20 Oct 15
Fi is absolutely wonderful and not only showed me some very helpful breathing techniques and birthing positions, but more importantly, helped to give me the confidence I needed to have a calm and relaxed birth that was a wonderful experience. I can't recommend these classes highly enough. Thank you so much Fi xread more
Rachael Elizabeth
Rachael E.
20:34 11 Aug 15
Fi and the Daisy Foundation have played such a massive part in my pregnancy and new motherhood journey - signing up for the Daisy Birthing classes is the one of the best decisions I could have made! The Birth preparation classes were a lovely hour of calm in an otherwise hectic week - in which to focus on myself, my pregnancy and my baby. Fi is a vibrant and engaging teacher and I learnt lots about the physiology of birth, breathing techniques and movements to help during labour, and the importance of a calm quiet birthing space - amongst other things. It also provided a friendly, non judgemental space to get to know other Mums, share the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and fears/ excitement about labour and birth. My husband and I took a Birth Partner Preparation course - which really helped to reassure him about labour and the role he needed to play. I think he was initially sceptical about the course but afterwards thanked me for booking it and said it was "fantastic"! Fi really helped to put all the fathers in the group at ease, no question was a silly one. After I had my baby, I graduated to the Tinies and then Wrigglers classes. These classes have been one of the highlights of mine and my son's week since he was 6 weeks old! An hour or so of singing, playing, massage, yoga, bonding. Relaxed baby led sessions. Cups of tea and chats, sympathy and sharing of knowledge with other Mums. Fi also organises Daisy Socials - which have been a real life line in the sometimes endless seeming hours of maternity leave!! Really can't recommend The Daisy Foundation Sheffield enough, for the relaxation, knowledge and ability to meet like minded parents 🙂read more
Jen Jens
Jen J.
18:52 06 Jan 15
Rosie Bellamy
Rosie B.
18:18 25 Sep 14
A big thank you to Fi for leading the Lazy Daisy classes which have been fantastic! I found it really useful to understand more about the birth process and felt prepared for the birth feeling calm and confident about it. We both found the couples workshop really helpful too! Thanks Fi, you are so supportive and encouraging!read more
Mike Horsfield
Mike H.
11:05 08 Jul 14
Our impending arrival will be my third child (though my partners first) and my experience of the labour process to date had very much been that of a spare part who, despite wanting to help, had been reduced to holding the gas and air tube and saying “breathe!”. The NHS classes we had attended during this pregnancy hadn’t really done much to change my view that this time would be any different, so when my partner, who had been attending the weekly Bumps and Birth’s classes, suggested attending the partner workshop, I have to admit I was a little sceptical that I would learn anything new. I also envisioned being sat on a beanbag, humming and chanting a little. As it turned out, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The class was relaxed, funny and I didn’t have to sit on a bean bag or chant (though I’m sure you could if you wanted to). The time was well structured and provided lots of practical, science based information, ideas and examples of how to help your partner during labour, both in terms of physical help and support, and also how to help manage the labour process to ensure your partner gets what they want / need without them having to lose focus on the rather important job in hand. Fi explained things that well that they seemed rather obvious afterwards, but I’m pretty certain there is no way they would have occurred to me without any prompting during labour. I certainly feel more confident to be able to question what is happening / being done should I need to, and only wish that I’d have the benefit of this insight prior to the birth of my first two children, as I think it would, and I could, have made a massive difference to the way those labours went. I couldn’t recommend the course more highly to dad’s to more
Susanne Lindsay
Susanne L.
00:42 23 Jun 14
I just want to say a huge thank you to Fi for the wonderful Lazy Daisy classes, they really helped me enjoy my pregnancy and build my birth confidence after having a previous traumatic birth experience.
Cecilia Cee
Cecilia C.
15:14 05 Mar 14
Lazy Daisy antenatal classes have helped me overcome depression and fear in my pregnancy and its all thanks to this amazing lady and her wonderful classes. what a fantastic environment to learn about pregnancy and labour and develop techniques to help relaxation and health in pregnancy. I cannot recommend highly enough Thank you 🙂read more
Natalie Fahy
Natalie F.
21:42 16 Jan 14
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Laura Appleby
Laura A.
11:14 11 Jul 19
I have been attending Daisy classes with Fi from being pregnant right through to bringing my daughter along. We have absolutely loved the classes and Fi has always created such wonderful supportive atmosphere. The groups are also so much fun and we have also met some other lovely mums and babies along the way. We will be sad to finish but thankful to have been part of the Daisy journey! Couldn’t recommend more! Laura and Sophieread more
Laura Buxton
Laura B.
22:21 12 Mar 19
Both my husband and I met with Fi shortly before the birth of my second child, Thomas. After a difficult experience first time around, I was anxious about the forthcoming labour and early newborn phase. Fi was extremely understanding, kind and supportive. She helped us tackle some practical anxieties and enabled us to approach things second time around with more control and confidence. I also managed to attend some of her Daisy Move pre-natal sessions at short notice which were fantastic. I thoroughly recommend Fi to anyone who is approaching childbirth with any degree of anxiety. She turned things around for us and we are immensely grateful for her timely involvement. Thank you!read more
jean hamilton
jean H.
18:26 15 Dec 18
Really enjoyed the 6 week daisy birthing classes. It was a lovely relaxing and positive atmosphere, and Fi is great. Can't wait to come along to the postnatal classes with baby!
solange masher
solange M.
23:48 01 Dec 18
I am currently on my second course of 6 week daisy birth classes and my husband I went to the couple's class too. Fiona creates a relaxing and supportive environment to prepare for birth. Classes are informative about the process and teach breathing and movements to use during labour and birth to stay on track. My mentality had shifted; from feeling like labour and giving birth were going to happen to me, to it being something I am going to do. Thanks!read more
Rachel Flemming
Rachel F.
21:17 06 Nov 18
Wonderful small group, informative, empowering and relaxing. I was extremely emotional and worried week 1 due to sudden pregnancy complications and by week 6 I felt positive and had built back trust in my own body as well as gaining a support peer group. Would highly more
charlote osborne
charlote O.
10:15 26 Apr 18
i attended the antenatal and baby tinies class fi is very frendly and warm , i loved attending both classes will defiantly be attending more soon !! 5 stars !!
Olivia Heaps
Olivia H.
15:48 10 Dec 17
Fi's 6 week birthing course was amazing. I completed it twice. It helped me to keep calm during my pregnancy and also prepare for the birth of my baby. I now feel well informed and know exactly what I would like for the birth of my baby. Me and my husband also completed the couples birthing workshop, this was fantastic. My husband is so happy I found this course and is now excited to play an important roll in the baby's birth. We can't thank Fi enough and would 100% recommend the classes to anyone preparing for more
Amy Allan
Amy A.
17:35 30 Dec 16
Loved the 6 week course of Daisy Birthing classes with Fi! As a first time Mum to be Fi provided a perfect mix of information, breathing exercises and reassurance! A great chance to take some time out and focus on me and the baby. Thankyou Fi x
Debora Keller
Debora K.
13:47 27 Dec 16
I attended Daisy Tinies classes with Fi and both Katja (4months at start of classes) and myself absolutely loved it! Katja smiles when we sing the songs and really enjoys meeting other babies and singing and massage! booked onto the next step: wrigglers classes for older babies 🙂read more
Sarah Jane Knight-Markiegi
Sarah Jane K.
10:24 01 Jul 16
My partner and I attended Fi's course at around 34 weeks and it was fantastic. She was friendly and down to earth as well as being very well informed about a huge range of birth and baby related research and literature. We felt we could ask any questions at all and both feel much more confident about birth and parenthood. Thank you!read more
Emma Robinson
Emma R.
11:48 14 May 16
Fi's antenatal classes are fantastic! Relaxing and informative, making me feel prepared for whatever route my little one's birth takes. Thank you, Fi!
Esther Maunder
Esther M.
18:07 05 Nov 15
I attended Fi's Birth Preparation classes and couples workshop. The classes were a wonderful, calming space to prepare for what was to come. Whilst my birth wasn't "perfect" the skills and tools I learnt helped so much in keeping us both calm and advocate for what we wanted.I have attended Tinies and now Wrigglers with my baby boy and so value the small group setting where together we learn more about and bond with our babies in a safe, fun, calm setting.Thanks Fi is all you have done on our journey into parenthood and beyond! xxxread more
Katie Hayward
Katie H.
18:38 20 Oct 15
Can't recommend these classes highly enough. I was very anxious about labour but after just two sessions with Fi I felt much more calm and relaxed about the whole thing and I ended up having an absolutely wonderful birthing experience. The breathing techniques and advice on labour/birthing positions that Fi showed me were particularly useful, I don't know what I would have done without them!read more
Richard H
Richard H
21:33 04 Jul 15
Fi is fantastic at running antenatal classes! I have met many of the mums she has helped and they can't recommend her enough. I am incredibly proud of my wife and that she has been able to help so many women to have safer, more enjoyable and more informed births. If you are looking for antenatal classes I would HIGHLY recommend Bumps and more
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