Rochelle’s Positive Induction Birth Story

I just wanted to let you know that I gave birth to a beautiful little girl on monday 18th August at 3.37am weighing 7lb 9.

I was taken in to be induced on the Sunday - 12 days over. I was dreading being induced as I had heard it was much more painful and increased the chance of me needing pain relief but i stayed positive and ended up having an easier birth than I thought possible!

I had a pessary inserted at 4.30pm on the sunday which instantly brought on mild contractions about 5 minutes apart.  At 9pm the midwife tried sending my partner, John, home even though I was clearly in labour (men are only  allowed on the antenatal ward between 9am and 9pm).

Luckily, he can be quite persuasive (or demanding!) and the midwife found us a private room and allowed him to stay.I used the breathing techniques you taught us to get through the contractions and at about 1am I started to use my tens machine on a low setting.

At 3am I had the urge to push (john told me not to be ridiculous as it wasn't time yet - supportive as ever!! ). He called for the midwife who took one look at me and said they needed to get me to the labour ward immediately.

I was rushed down on the bed to the labour ward and Maisie was born 37 minutes later!No time for pain relief even if I had wanted it. I gave birth on my knees and only had a slight graze despite the quick birth. Your classes definitely helped to make me feel confident about giving birth and the breathing helped to get me through the contractions.

John kept recalling the first class I had with you and telling me to relax my jaw which helped!I'll definitely be recommending your classes  and will write a review ASAP.Thank you for all your help."