Wrigglers baby yoga classes

Daisy Baby™ is a unique, all-inclusive combination of positive touch, movement, education and support

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The Daisy Foundation range of Daisy Baby classes are perfect for mum and baby, offering everything you could possibly need in one perfect little package.

For the wrigglers, age 5 months+, classes are a colourful, bright and lively baby yoga based class, which includes movements for you and baby yoga movements for your little one.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of baby yoga – come and join us in an environment where baby can see, socialise and interact with other little people, while enjoying a chance to stretch and move!

All Set To A Relaxing And Soothing Soundtrack.

Each wrigglers baby yoga class will deliver:

  • A six-week term of baby yoga

  • Postnatal support

  • Gentle postnatal movements for mums

  • Impartial education helping you learn to understand your baby, their cues and milestones

  • Progressive classes that are developmentally appropriate

  • Peer support in class and online through our Daisy community

  • Classes are welcoming of all parenting choices

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Sheffield Wellness Centre
635a Abbeydale Road
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