Wrigglers® baby yoga classes

A unique, all-inclusive combination of positive touch, movement, education and support



What happens in a Wrigglers® class?

A typical Wrigglers® class at The Sheffield Wellness Centre, lovely lively chaotic and fun! Daisy Wrigglers baby yoga follows on from Daisy Tinies®baby massage. You are welcomed into the Sheffield Wellness Centre away from the busy city and will find a wonderful lyrical journey ahead of you. Daisy Wrigglers® is so much more than a baby yoga class. The emphasis is on fun!

Story telling is a key element of the session and each week is themed with a popular 'That's Not My' book. Engaging the babies in repetative yet familiar phrases and helping them reach appropriate developmental milestones.


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Fun for baby, support for you


What's in the box?! Each week we explore new sensory toys found in the ever more exciting box! As the Wrigglers grow in confidence (and size!) the box section becomes even more fun and lively.

By this point you are probably settling into your rhythm as a mum and also gaining in confidence. We explore new ideas each week for parenting, we discuss weaning, sleep regressions, teething challanges and such like. I provide evidenced based information to help inform your choice. The group provides support and a friendly place to get new ideas and perspectives on everything.

Sometimes you just need a safe space to share, that's what I provide.

Is it worth joining a Wrigglers class?

I run really small and cosy classes so you don't feel lost and overwhelmed in the class. I aim to make you feel welcome and looked after. I remember those early weeks and months and providing a safe space for you to just be with baby is what I do.

If you are looking for something a little different, a little special, something that brings a bit of magic into your routine, then this could be just the thing!


Come and join the community

Each Wrigglers®baby yoga class will deliver:

  • A six-week term of baby yoga

  • Postnatal support

  • Gentle postnatal movements for mums

  • Impartial education helping you learn to understand your baby, their cues and milestones

  • Progressive classes that are developmentally appropriate

  • Peer support in class and online through our Daisy community

  • Classes are welcoming of all parenting choices

clinic location


Sheffield Wellness Centre
635a Abbeydale Road
S7 1TB

Contact Me:

Phone: 0114 383 0607
Email: fi@bumpsandbirths.co.uk

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