Did you know... A post-natal massage can aid in your recovery?

Caring for a post natal person, whether they are a mother or not, is one of great importance. Many different cultures honor this time in many different ways, the core of which is rest, recovery, bonding, time to heal, good food to eat.

Rarely does our Western culture allow for this to happen, ushering the new mother or the newly no longer pregnant person, home, maybe with support, maybe not. To heal, learn, cope and muddle through those early days.

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The benefits of pregnancy massage are well known...

You might have heard all about the benefits of pregnancy massage, helping you ease your aching muscles and supporting your changing body as baby grows. 

But have you heard about the benefits of post natal massage?

The biggest change your body will experience is the moment your baby is born, and no matter how they are born, your body moves from pregnant to not pregnant. It might not feel it at the time, but this is a relatively short amount of time for such a massive change to your body.

The reviews are in!

I am totally committed to each person I see receiving the best massage EVER and it seems I have been successful in that goal based on the reviews below.

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Amy A.
Amy A.
19:39 11 Jun 21
Wonderful massage with Fi. I had a pregnancy massage at 37 weeks and from the moment I walked in felt calm and relaxed. Fi took the time beforehand to talk through any areas of concern and listen to my preferences and I felt completely safe and at... ease throughout. Unlike other pregnancy massages I’ve had I felt Fi really tailored it to my stage of pregnancy and made every effort to make sure I was comfortable. I left totally relaxed and de-stressed. Would love to come back for a postnatal massage! Thanks Fi ❤️read more

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Based on 20 reviews

Sarah H.
Sarah H.
20:06 23 May 21
Really enjoyed my pregnancy massage and booking to go again! Felt completely relaxed and refreshed

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Whatever your stage, hopes and concerns I am here to help and listen. I aim to provide the best massage experience I can for your individual circumstances. I am happy to sign post you to further information and reading about pregnancy, birthing, feeding and normal infant development. My years as an antenatal teacher and baby massage instructor have equipped me with a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to new parenthood. Use the contact form below to send me a message or book now using the button on the home page.

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Post Natal Massage

Your core muscles are no longer stretched and taut, but soft and pliable, forming a wonderfully pillowy cushion for your baby to snuggle against. Your centre of gravity shifts massively as the weight of the pregnancy, waters, placenta are quickly birthed earthside. Your internal organs, having slowly shifted and moved as your baby grew inside are now able to return to their original position. Your body still moves and feels as though it is pregnant, full of ligament softening hormones and perhaps an altered walking stride.

The matrescence, the birth of the mother, has happened and is happening.

Post natal massage is done once you feel ready. Fi, your massage therapist will gently and unobtrusively work around your baby and their needs. Finding a time that suits, finding positions that are comfortable. Bring someone to help with baby or get in touch in you have concerns about leaving baby.

Easing away the tension from your healing body, sleep disrupted nights and awkward feeding positions. The massage therapist will listen, will not offer any judgement, will hold your space gently and with honour. If appropriate they may sign post you to other services or information to support your healing journey. 

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