I Am Scared Of Giving Birth!

Don't panic about your birth

It is completely normal to feel a bit scared of an approaching birth, many first time mums and mums who have given birth before feel this tingle of anticipation and worry. As this rather wonderful blog post from Rachel Reed puts it, Feel the Fear, and Birth Anyway! BUT – if the feelings or fear and worry are so strong … Read More

When Do I Need To Start Antenatal Classes?

is it time for antenatal classes yet?

[two_third]If you are newly pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant for the first or second time or more, then you might be wondering if you need to start antenatal classes or indeed what the choice is in antenatal preparation. Preparing to give birth is not something which I think you should leave to chance. Going with the flow of birth … Read More

Kerry’s Home Birth Story

We were a little bit overdue and had a few ‘false starts’ so when I woke up at 2.30am I wasn’t sure ‘this was it’ – it took timing contractions on a labour app for another 2 hours before I called the midwife and got Dave to work on the pool. The midwife arrived at 5am. Walking around and breathing … Read More

Should I have a stretch and sweep?

Towards the end of your pregnancy the midwife takes your blood pressure, uses a dip stick on your wee, everything is fine and as she leaves she says in a casual manner, ‘let’s book you in for your stretch and sweep next week, OK?’ You nod, smile and the midwife leaves. But what have you just agreed to? According to … Read More

Home Water Birth In Sheffield

Home birth water birth sheffield

Home Water Birth In Sheffield I just wanted to share with you the edited version of the water birth of my second child. This birth was after I had had Daisy Birthing classes and because I enjoyed the birth so much it made me want to help other mums have as an enjoyable birth as possible. If you have any … Read More