What happens during a pregnancy massage?

What Happens During a Pregnancy Massage?

You might regularly get a massage, or this might be the first time, but having a pregnancy massage can work wonders for your adapting body. 

Pregnancy massage is safe from the moment you’re pregnant but most practitioners would prefer to see you after the first trimester is over and you’ve had your first scan. Those first 12 weeks can be pretty miserable if you have sickness and tiredness and the thought of being massaged is probably far from your mind! Once you begin to feel a bit better and are reassured about the progress of the pregnancy, regular massage can be a real treat.

Pregnancy massage is possible in different positions

Early on you may feel comfortable to continue lying on your front in the prone position. With suitable pillows and bolsters for comfort this can be perfectly safe as the fetus is safely snuggled deep inside your uterus and protected by your pelvis and layers of muscle and fatty tissue. 

It’s important you let your therapist know that you are pregnant though so they can make suitable adjustments and give appropriate advice for the massage and afterwards.

As the pregnancy progresses you will most likely become more comfortable in a side lying position. The therapist will set up the massage table with pillows and bolsters to support you. There will usually be a pillow for your head and one to support your top knee and ankle, this helps to keep the pelvis in a neutral position. This means more comfort for you. There will also usually be a pillow or rolled towel to cuddle with your top arm, this keeps your shoulder open and neutral and also provides a bit of comfort and modesty for your top half. 

You will comfortable, supported and cared for

The massage for your back will be done in two halves, with you supported to turn part way through the massage to access the other side. The massage therapist will use a variety of strokes to relax and relieve the muscles in your back, shoulders and hips. 

If you are not yet in the third trimester and are comfortable to do so, you may lie on your back in the supine position for a short amount of time to have legs, feet and head massaged. It’s not recommended to lie on your back once you’re into the third trimester because it’s just not comfortable. Some massage tables can lift up to allow you to sit semi reclined which is perfectly safe and a nice option to round off the massage.

Pregnancy massage can be a wonderful way to spend a bit of time investing in you, your changing body and bonding with your bump before you get to meet them. 

Don’t forget, once baby is here, post natal massage can form a valuable part of your healing from birth, book your package of pre and post natal massages today.