Support through pregnancy and after, in Sheffield

What is The Daisy Foundation?

Fi from Bumps and Births is a member of The Daisy Foundation. Watch this short video to find out what Daisy is all about.

Who is behind Bumps and Births?

Fi using a sling on the plane My name is Fi and I am a Daisy Foundation perinatal educator and a Birth Trauma Specialist. I own Bumps and Births  and The Sheffield Wellness Centre with my husband.

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I love to give and here is the first of my gifts, a recording that could help you relax more

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Classes available through Bumps and Births

antenatal classes in Sheffield

The Daisy Foundation active antenatal method is for mum only. The weekly course is run in terms of 6 weeks and each session involves gentle yoga based movement, birth education, birth hypnosis and relaxation as well as support from mums in class.

There are also free to attend socials letting mums get together for chat and community. Sessions are run in a relaxing and beautiful studio on Abbeydale Road

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Partner workshop

The Partner Workshops are focused on providing education on issues such as safety, parenting choices and baby calming techniques.
The Parent Course is for mum and partner and will help you to both feel prepared for the birth and looking after your baby once they are here. The course is 12 hours of birth preparation and practical baby care and can be booked as individual modules

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baby classes

Tinies baby massage sessions are a lyrical 6 week course designed to help you and your new baby uncurl together. It is about respecting the all important 4th trimester and helping you to let baby develop at their perfect rate.
Wrigglers is a lively sensory based yoga session suitable for older babies.
Come and meet other mums at the same stage as you and gain support, have a laugh and maybe even cry some tears.

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If you are fertile but struggling to get pregnant hypnosis could help to address some of the psychological and lifestyle issues to increase your conception chances.
Through hypnosis you could: Control your weight, increase your libido, have more sex, become a non smoker, relax more. Get in touch for a no obligation chat about how we could work together.

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