Lauren’s Home Birth Story

Here is Lauren's home birth story:

"I just wanted to email and ask you to send me the link again for leaving you a review please and also to say... We did it!!!!!!!! 🙂

After the email to you on the 13th I went into established labour around 9pm,serious labour at 11pm and gave birth to our son at home in the pool using just entonox at 4.19am. We had a lovely dark quiet atmosphere with our own relaxing music on in the background.

I honestly mean it when I say I believe you played a big part in me having such a positive and natural birth your advice and support have been invaluable throughout my pregnancy from writing my birth plan to considering different options I hadn't thought of and reassuring me I could do it.

I couldn't have asked for a better birth I had no real intervention, delayed cord clamping and feel I coped well with the intensity of contractions. Wes was absolutely fantastic from beginning to end and used the massage techniques and info we learnt at your workshop.

Being new parents has been a bigger shock ha, dont think anything quite prepares you for that (perhaps you should start a parent preparation workshop lol) however we are learning all together slowly but surely and our son is perfect.

Maybe see you soon perhaps if you restart the baby massage or yoga classes?

Again I can't thank you enough you have been great"