Review of Daisy Foundation Birth Preparation

antenatal classes review

Rachel’s review of birth preparation classes Rachael explains how Daisy Foundation birth preparation classes have helped her Fi and the Daisy Foundation have played such a massive part in my pregnancy and new motherhood journey – signing up for the Daisy Birthing classes is the one of the best decisions I could have made! The Birth preparation classes were a … Read More

How do I prepare for Induction?

how can antenatal classes help you

How do I prepare for an induction? If you are pregnant and have been told that you or your baby is at risk if the pregnancy continues then you might be offered to be induced and you may be wondering “how do I prepare for induction?” What is induction of labour? [/cs_text] Are you sure this is right for you … Read More

What’s the Easiest way to Give Birth?

doppler read out

What is the easiest way to give birth? It all depends on what your version of ‘easy’ means. Do you mean; What’s the most pain-free way to give birth? What’s the safest way to give birth? The best way to give birth? The cheapest way to give birth? Everyone’s version of ‘easy’ will be slightly different from the next and … Read More

I Am Scared Of Giving Birth!

Don't panic about your birth

What to do if you are scared of giving birth It is completely normal to feel a bit scared of an approaching birth, many first time mums and mums who have given birth before feel this tingle of anticipation and worry. As this rather wonderful blog post from Rachel Reed puts it, Feel the Fear, and Birth Anyway! BUT – … Read More

What Is Labour Like?

will I be able to cope with labour?

A question asked by new mums the world over, what is labour like? What does it feel like? What do contractions feel like? Does it hurt? The answer? You’ll know! That infuriating answer given by midwives, your mum, friends and others. How will I know I am in labour? Oh, you’ll just know!! But do you know what? You will. … Read More

When Do I Need To Start Antenatal Classes?

is it time for antenatal classes yet?

When Do I Need To Start Antenatal Classes? If you are newly pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant for the first or second time or more, then you might be wondering if you need to start antenatal classes or indeed what the choice is in antenatal preparation. Preparing to give birth is not something which I think you should leave … Read More

Kerry’s Home Birth Story

We were a little bit overdue and had a few ‘false starts’ so when I woke up at 2.30am I wasn’t sure ‘this was it’ – it took timing contractions on a labour app for another 2 hours before I called the midwife and got Dave to work on the pool. The midwife arrived at 5am. Walking around and breathing … Read More

Fay’s Home Birth

“….here is my home birth story for the arrival of Nova James.Nova’s due date was Sunday 12 Oct. Phil and I already have two children so we kinda know the drill about labour – twinges, false starts, backache, ‘period pain’. It started when I woke up abruptly at 5am on Sunday with a steady trickle of amniotic fluid. We called … Read More

Dee’s Natural Water Birth

“Just a quick note to say that our daughter, Eleanor Catherine, arrived on Friday morning, one week before her due date. I’m incredibly happy to say it was a very calm, short (just under 11 hours from waters breaking) and natural water birth, and I’m absolutely positive that all the breathing techniques and advice from you and Lazy Daisy helped … Read More

Cecilia’s Healing Second Birth

Here is the story of Cecilia’s second birth: “Baby Ember arrived Sunday morning after a quick delivery without pain relief weighing 8lb10. The birth was honestly the best experience in my life and I probably wouldn’t be able to say that if it wasn’t for you. I had a stop start labour for 3 days with regular contractions coming and … Read More

Lauren’s Home Birth Story

Here is Lauren’s home birth story: “I just wanted to email and ask you to send me the link again for leaving you a review please and also to say… We did it!!!!!!!! 🙂 After the email to you on the 13th I went into established labour around 9pm,serious labour at 11pm and gave birth to our son at home … Read More

Rochelle’s Positive Induction Birth Story

“I just wanted to let you know that I gave birth to a beautiful little girl on monday 18th August at 3.37am weighing 7lb 9. I was taken in to be induced on the Sunday – 12 days over. I was dreading being induced as I had heard it was much more painful and increased the chance of me needing … Read More

Charlotte’s Hospital Birth Story

“….our beautiful baby girl arrived on 8th October at 1pm weighing 8.8 pounds. The labour started on the Tuesday as soon as Tom got home from work braxton hicks turned into contractions….it was as if my body knew it was okay to get started as Tom was home!! I managed to stay at home and use my birthing ball until … Read More

Becky’s Home Birth Story

“Our little girl was born at home a week ago, it was an amazing experience. The lazy daisy classes and Fi’s way of leading the sessions enabled me to labour in confidence, using my breathing techniques and my positive affirmations. My partner was amazing, I know he felt supported by the lazy daisy partner workshop we attended, there was some … Read More

Lucy’s Positive Caesarean Section Story

Here’s Lucy’s amazing birth story, one which didn’t go quite to plan but which was still an amazing and positive experience: “Just wanted to let you know that baby Dylan has now made an appearance, funnily enough on his actual due date last Tuesday 6th May. It didn’t go at all according to plan but I’m glad to say that … Read More